Silberstein Dive Center

About us

The Silberstein Dive Center re-opened under family management in 2006. It is located directly in front of The Hotel Silberstein in Puerto Ayora on the island of Santa Cruz. The equipment, as well as compressors, is all located away from the main street to guarantee fresh air and a clean environment.

We can proudly say Fioval, our boat, is one of the best diving boats on the islands. With all necessary safety equipment, we have confidence that Fioval will get us there and back safely.

Alisha Lüers & Andrea Andrade

Check out Silberstein Dive Center, for the most amazing diving experience in Galapagos..

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Hotel Silberstein

Check out our Hotel Silberstein, located in The Galapagos Islands..

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City Art Hotel Solberstein

Check out our City Art Hotel Silberstein, located in historical Quito, the capital and heart of Ecuador..

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