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Diving is an amazing sport which can be practiced in almost every water mass in the world. Due to its diversity, the Galapagos Islands and its marine reserve are a fantastic place to learn and exercise your diving skills. There are very calm and shallow places for an open water course, which is a great way to start your diving experience. There are also great photo motifs and fantastic deep dives for the advanced courses. If you want to test your skills in rough conditions, try the Rescue Dive and the Dive Master courses. All of these conditions can be found in the amazing underwater world of the Galapagos Islands. The Silberstein Dive Center can prepare you for whatever level of expertise you are aiming for...

The following courses will teach you how to dive correctly and safely:

If you have never been diving before, but would like to experience the underwater world, this is the sample dive for you. Diving is enjoyed by many types of people, and can be tranquil and relaxing, yet other times can be adventurous and exciting. Regardless of the experience you may have, it is a very safe sport if practiced correctly and we will teach you the fundamentals.

An Introductory Dive is also known as a "Resort Dive" or "Discovery Scuba Dive ". You get to experience the sensation of diving, with personal supervision and assistance of a certified PADI® instructor, the entire time.

This dive will not help you with qualification, though you will learn the basics of diving and practice your skills to ensure a safe and fun first dive. There is a practice session in our hotel pool the afternoon prior the actual dive morning. With minor training, you can become familiar with your equipment and surroundings underwater, as well as the basic safety rules. It may even turn out to be your first lesson to your PADI® Open Water Diver certification.

For detailed information on Introductory Diving, please contact us!

The Open Water course includes 3 days of training and class. In these three days we will complete 5 levels of exercises.

1st day: Practice in the pool, and some skill exercises (mask, BCD, boyancy, breathing, preparing equipment, regulator use, etc.) Aside from this time in the water, we will also watch a video and read about the course.

2nd day: Open water and diving at 5-6m depth with more skills exercises at the shallow bottom. This is basically the same testing which we practiced in the pool, but will also include some new exercises and it is in "real life conditions" - Open Water...

3rd day: Open water, we will review all exercises learned and including fish identification. During our 2nd dive we will enjoy and have fun practicing what we learned during the 1st and 2nd day. This the main day of the course.

The PADI® Course Book and the video combined will understand the principles of safety and proper diving from beginning till end of this first course. At the end of the class, students will take a written test evaluating everything learned.

The next step is the PADI® Advanced Open Water Diver Course.

The Advanced Course takes two days for completion.

During these days students will learn in open water about diving specialties such as: navigation with a compass, photography, fish identification, drift diving, deep diving (to a depth of about 30m), dive boat (learning about the boat parts such as bow, emergency exit, etc). It is fun to deepen the knowledge about diving possibilities and specialties as well as to become a more experienced and skilled diver, knowing more about oneself and the environment under water.

The next step in broadening your knowledge around other divers is to move up to the PADI® Rescue Diver.

The Rescue Course takes 3 days to complete. In the former courses the priority was to take care of yourself under water. Now it is time to learn how to take care of your buddy and other divers by rescuing them, if needed. On the 1st day students practice exercises in a pool such as: how to recognize that a fellow diver has problems, to identify the problem and react appropriately to rescue a diver in the water, at the surface, and an unconscious diver in both situations. The next two days there is practice of the same in open water, including more skilled exercises. The PADI® Course Book works as our guideline.

The Dive Master course includes practice, books, and a license.

As this course takes around 15 days to complete it is not the most popular course, but we are pleased to offer this class as well. Perhaps you might want to even join our team after completing this session. Please contact us for coordination, details and pricing.

Special Courses

We teach you how to best take pictures underwater, how to use your breathing to your benefit, take advantage of light conditions, etc...

We refresh you in how to control your ability to gain a neutral bouyancy and we will share special hints in order to improve your skills.

After not diving for quite some time, we offer a refresh dive in the pool you so feel comfortable during your upcoming diving days.

This takes a day and we only teach theory, there is no practice. Diving even more enjoyable after this class.


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